5 Tips For Being A Better Bridesmaid

I was a bridesmaid this year for the first time ever, and well… I learned a lot.

I was a bridesmaid this year for the first time ever, and well… I learned a lot. There’s a list of things that us ladies could be doing for the bride to make her journey down the aisle a whole lot easier. Here’s five little tips to help get you on your A-game.

Tick Tock. Let’s get a move on and be timely. The bride has enough of her plate as it is. When she gives you the link to dress options, go ahead and pick one out earlier rather than later. Send her a confirmation that the dress has been bought, altered, and maybe even a quick picture so she knows you are taken care of. I waited till the day before the wedding to get my alterations done (sorry Ivy!), and oh-me-oh-my that was silly. I got a big fat bridesmaid F in that department. If plans are being made for showers, parties, and events leading up to the day, RSVP quickly so that the bride can move on with the guest list. Time goes by fast when planning a wedding, so don’t keep the bride waiting.

Reach Out. Instead of going straight to the bride, reach out to some of the family members and volunteer to help out in any way that you can. This behind-the-scenes help will mean so much when last minute errands need to be run, a grandmother could use a hand walking in, or the candles need to be lit.

(red lace mermaid long bridesmaid dress)


Get this dress

Strut Your Stuff. On the big day, make sure you’re shoes are comfy. If the bride is letting you pick out which shoes you can wear, make sure to keep in mind the location of where you’ll be walking (I sank my way down the aisle in a grassy field wearing heels), and also where you will be standing in photos. I’m tall, and the bride was pretty short. I was to stand next to her, so my heels weren’t helpful. By the end of the night, I changed into some booties that paired well with my dress, so I could get my dancin’ on.

Snap Away. As a bridesmaid, you are totally behind the scenes of the whole journey. I was with the bride as she got ready minutes before the wedding, and even there helping twirl flowers with her mother that would soon be draped along the chandelier. I took a film camera with me, and shot these intimate moments, so that she could have them as a keepsake from her special day. A polaroid is also a fun option, for quick, instant gratification shots! Just be sure you’re not in the way of the official wedding photographer, and be mindful of any ‘unplugged/no photo’ policies the couple may have in place.

Gift. Give a sweet little gift the morning of the big day. A letter works, but lately I’ve loved the idea of pulling out a favorite handwritten family recipe, and gifting it for the many dinners she will be sharing at home.


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